In January 2018, the NSW GBOTA announced a new incentive system for members and participants. 

The Annual Awards will see a leading greyhound, trainer and breeder announced for each NSW GBOTA venue. In the development of the Awards, Directors also implemented quarterly awards to benefit members. 

Please find to follow the first quarter awards, where there are multiple winners apply, payments will be split evenly. 

Track Category Winner Member
Bathurst Breeder Shaun Evans Yes
Bathurst Breeder Fay Trowbridge Yes
Bathurst Breeder Leslie Dennis Yes
Bathurst Breeder Richard Bligh Yes
Bathurst Breeder William Marmara Yes
Bathurst Breeder A Team - Tony Apap No
Bathurst Breeder Ashley Dwyer No
Bathurst Breeder Benjamin Howe No
Bathurst Breeder Charlie Azzopardi No
Bathurst Breeder Christos Arletos No
Bathurst Breeder Clay Mullens No
Bathurst Breeder Elsie Bayliss No
Bathurst Breeder Geoffrey Collins No
Bathurst Breeder George Tyrpenou No
Bathurst Breeder Gordon Edwards No
Bathurst Breeder Gordon Herbert NO
Bathurst Breeder Jessica Britton No
Bathurst Breeder Lorraine Hudson No
Bathurst Breeder Lotsa Pennys - Paul Burley No
Bathurst Breeder Mark Gatt No
Bathurst Breeder Marlie - Julie Grindley No
Bathurst Breeder Mckechnie Krause No
Bathurst Breeder Michael Eberand No
Bathurst Breeder Robert Crawford No
Bathurst Breeder Rodney Clark No
Bathurst Breeder Rodney Stewart No
Bathurst Breeder Ronald Field No
Bathurst Breeder Thelma O'Keefe No
Bathurst Breeder Tia Robertson No
Bathurst Breeder Warren Owen No
Bathurst Breeder Joel Craig No
Bathurst Greyhound Twin One - Darren Wort OT No
Bathurst Trainer Peter Sims Yes
Bathurst Trainer Ashley Dwyer No
Bathurst Trainer Benjamin Howe No
Bathurst Trainer Damien Lee No
Bathurst Trainer David Mathias No
Bathurst Trainer Glen Ginn No
Bathurst Trainer Joseph Satti NO
Bathurst Trainer Kim Hyde No
Bathurst Trainer Maxwell Mcgovern No
Bathurst Trainer Michael Blissett NO
Bathurst Trainer Percy Gordon No
Bathurst Trainer Terry O'Keefe No
Bathurst Trainer Trent Anderson No
Bulli Breeder Shaun Evans Yes
Bulli Breeder Edward Foyle Yes
Bulli Breeder Fay Trowbridge Yes
Bulli Breeder Susan Pitstock Yes
Bulli Breeder Andrew Crouch No
Bulli Breeder Allen Williams No
Bulli Breeder Amanda Stollery No
Bulli Breeder Brett Hill No
Bulli Breeder Brian Parkinson No
Bulli Breeder C C U - John Hutchings OTR BRE No
Bulli Breeder Charlie Azzopardi No
Bulli Breeder Chris O'Brien No
Bulli Breeder Daniel Flanagan No
Bulli Breeder Darren Leeson No
Bulli Breeder Dee And Pee Syndicate - Denis Donoghue No
Bulli Breeder Dwayne Breska No
Bulli Breeder Edwin Kingswell No
Bulli Breeder Gafa Driver No
Bulli Breeder Garry Harriden No
Bulli Breeder Gary Friend No
Bulli Breeder Gary Smith No
Bulli Breeder Harry Sarkis No
Bulli Breeder Henderson Shelton No
Bulli Breeder Ivers Bailey No
Bulli Breeder James Cummins No
Bulli Breeder Kenneth Crawford No
Bulli Breeder Kenny Klembetsanis No
Bulli Breeder Laurie Rounds No
Bulli Breeder Melanie Mabbott No
Bulli Breeder Michael Brookes No
Bulli Breeder Michael Ivers No
Bulli Breeder Mr Alan Wade OWN No
Bulli Breeder Ms C K Roberts No
Bulli Breeder Noel Flegg No
Bulli Breeder Peter Doyle No
Bulli Breeder Raymond Henness No
Bulli Breeder Ronald Alcock No
Bulli Breeder Roslyn Norwood No
Bulli Breeder See The Dream - Sergio Buccilli No
Bulli Breeder Seona Thompson No
Bulli Breeder Toby Weekes No
Bulli Breeder Troy Vella No
Bulli Breeder Wayne Williams No
Bulli Greyhound Really Fast Love Yes
Bulli Trainer Andrew Mulrine Yes
Bulli Trainer David Taylor Yes
Bulli Trainer Garry Edwards Yes
Bulli Trainer John Finn Yes
Bulli Trainer Mark Bell Yes
Bulli Trainer Raymond Welsh Yes
Bulli Trainer Susan Pitstock Yes
Bulli Trainer Andrew Crouch No
Bulli Trainer Andrew Meredith No
Bulli Trainer Chris O'Brien No
Bulli Trainer Damian Cormie No
Bulli Trainer David Murray No
Bulli Trainer David Sundstrom No
Bulli Trainer Donnaleah Carter No
Bulli Trainer Garry Coles No
Bulli Trainer Gary Brown No
Bulli Trainer Jilion Tunnicliffe No
Bulli Trainer John Chapman No
Bulli Trainer Kelvyn Greenough No
Bulli Trainer Martin Hallinan No
Gosford Breeder Colin Burns Yes
Gosford Breeder Fay Trowbridge Yes
Gosford Breeder Helen Ross Yes
Gosford Breeder John Barrass Yes
Gosford Breeder Kenneth Burnett Yes
Gosford Breeder Marien Sullivan Yes
Gosford Breeder Michael Clayton Yes
Gosford Breeder Michael Manuel Yes
Gosford Breeder Mr C O Kneeshaw Yes
Gosford Breeder Roselyn Evans Yes
Gosford Breeder Susan Pitstock Yes
Gosford Breeder Wilma Messina Yes
Gosford Breeder Alan Ferguson No
Gosford Breeder Allan Mcgowan No
Gosford Breeder Amanda Studders No
Gosford Breeder Brett Tooth No
Gosford Breeder Colin Burton No
Gosford Breeder Daniel Abela No
Gosford Breeder Jacqueline Davis No
Gosford Breeder Jarrad Dale No
Gosford Breeder Jason Bateup No
Gosford Breeder Jeffrey Holland No
Gosford Breeder Jodie Lord No
Gosford Breeder John Beattie No
Gosford Breeder Lesley Montgomery No
Gosford Breeder Mark Gillies No
Gosford Breeder Matthew Parrelli No
Gosford Breeder Melanie Mabbott No
Gosford Breeder Michael Ivers No
Gosford Breeder Mitchell Pryce No
Gosford Breeder Mr B W Ward No
Gosford Breeder Nathan Mcmenamin No
Gosford Breeder Raymond Borda NO
Gosford Breeder Seona Thompson No
Gosford Breeder Stephen Connor No
Gosford Breeder Trent Anthony No
Gosford Breeder Victor Millington No
Gosford Breeder Weekes Family - Toby Weekes No
Gosford Breeder Wombats Four - Paul Wagner No
Gosford Greyhound Molly Waffle - Allan Woods O/T Yes
Gosford Trainer Amanda Brunton Yes
Gosford Trainer Robert Groizard Jnr Yes
Gosford Trainer Ronald Asquith Yes
Gosford Trainer Susan Pitstock Yes
Gosford Trainer William Davidson Yes
Gosford Trainer Barbara Spackman No
Gosford Trainer Caroline Psilos No
Gosford Trainer Craig Martin No
Gosford Trainer Dennis Tuckwell No
Gosford Trainer Gary Greene No
Gosford Trainer Gregory Smith No
Gosford Trainer Paul Boyd No
Gosford Trainer Robert Smith No
Gosford Trainer Robert Vines No
Gosford Trainer Steven Burgis No
Gosford Trainer Steven Carr No
Gosford Trainer Wayne Cameron No
Gunnedah Breeder Bradley Canty Yes
Gunnedah Breeder Christopher Kedwell Yes
Gunnedah Breeder Lorraine Atchison Yes
Gunnedah Breeder Peter Carr Yes
Gunnedah Breeder Barry Tharle No
Gunnedah Breeder Bradley Northfield No
Gunnedah Breeder Cye Travers No
Gunnedah Breeder Dianne Craig No
Gunnedah Breeder Garry Cooper No
Gunnedah Breeder George Tyrpenou No
Gunnedah Breeder Jason Fletcher No
Gunnedah Breeder Paul Long No
Gunnedah Breeder Philip Gough No
Gunnedah Breeder Ryan Tredway No
Gunnedah Breeder Stephen Lambert No
Gunnedah Breeder Tony Brett No
Gunnedah Breeder Velocity Lodge - Stephen Williams No
Gunnedah Greyhound Anne's Nitro - Mark Craig O/T No
Gunnedah Trainer Allan Syphers Yes
Gunnedah Trainer Kerry Barrass Yes
Gunnedah Trainer Peter Carr Yes
Gunnedah Trainer Graham Novley No
Lismore Breeder Pamela Braddon Yes
Lismore Breeder Anthony Jeffress No
Lismore Breeder Arthur Wright No
Lismore Breeder Dragan Dodic No
Lismore Breeder Edith Hancock No
Lismore Breeder Gainey Brothers - Patrick Gainey No
Lismore Breeder Gary Smith No
Lismore Breeder James Gallaway No
Lismore Breeder Jarrad Dale No
Lismore Breeder Jeff Cumming No
Lismore Breeder Jeffrey Schrull No
Lismore Breeder Judith Mccullagh No
Lismore Breeder Lee Wylie No
Lismore Breeder Les Daley No
Lismore Breeder Liam Parsons No
Lismore Breeder Luke Crawford No
Lismore Breeder Michael Maguire No
Lismore Breeder Nice Entrée - Mark Charlton SYM No
Lismore Breeder Robert Ayres No
Lismore Breeder Scott Duffy No
Lismore Breeder Stephen Cleary No
Lismore Breeder Tuff Luck - Raymond Borda No
Lismore Breeder Wombats Four - Paul Wagner No
Lismore Greyhound Oh So Fabio - Garry Geary O/T Yes
Lismore Trainer Amanda Rayner No
Lismore Trainer Dave Irwin No
Lismore Trainer Gary Smith No
Lismore Trainer John Corrigan No
Lismore Trainer John Robinson No
Lismore Trainer Julie King No
Lismore Trainer Lee Wylie No
Lismore Trainer Mark Johnston No
Lismore Trainer Marlene Ellis No
Maitland Breeder Ann & Dennis Barnes Yes
Maitland Breeder Jennifer Brown Yes
Maitland Breeder Joanne Willis Yes
Maitland Breeder Loretta Rice Yes
Maitland Breeder Mr W F Davidson Yes
Maitland Breeder Susan Mccann Yes
Maitland Breeder A & K Chisholm - Alison Chisholm No
Maitland Breeder Allan Buman No
Maitland Breeder Allan Mcgowan No
Maitland Breeder Arthur Langman No
Maitland Breeder Barry Dull No
Maitland Breeder Benjamin Sweetman NO
Maitland Breeder Bev And Daniel - Beverley Pell No
Maitland Breeder Bruce Mackie No
Maitland Breeder Bruce Wood No
Maitland Breeder Charles Cartisano No
Maitland Breeder Cheryl Ghassibe No
Maitland Breeder Chris Petersen No
Maitland Breeder Colin Graham No
Maitland Breeder Darren Russell No
Maitland Breeder Darryl Diver No
Maitland Breeder David Shaw No
Maitland Breeder Edith Hancock No
Maitland Breeder Edwin Kingswell No
Maitland Breeder Geoffrey Kilmurray No
Maitland Breeder George Tyrpenou No
Maitland Breeder Helen Pearce No
Maitland Breeder Jacqueline Davis No
Maitland Breeder Jacqueline Moth No
Maitland Breeder Jan Warner No
Maitland Breeder Jason Fletcher No
Maitland Breeder Jason Lymbery No
Maitland Breeder Jeffrey Chapman No
Maitland Breeder K9 Racers - Brent Sullivan No
Maitland Breeder Kerry Vardy No
Maitland Breeder Liam Parsons No
Maitland Breeder Mr S Baker No
Maitland Breeder Ms C K Roberts No
Maitland Breeder Peter Slack No
Maitland Breeder Peter Tobin No
Maitland Breeder Stephen Cochrane No
Maitland Breeder Steven Martin No
Maitland Breeder Todd Smith No
Maitland Breeder Tyson Barton No
Maitland Breeder Velocity Lodge - Stephen Williams No
Maitland Breeder Victor Markovski No
Maitland Breeder Walter Simmons No
Maitland Greyhound Treeman Shelby - Louise McGee OT Yes
Maitland Trainer Andrew Foukkare Yes
Maitland Trainer Darryl Chapman Yes
Maitland Trainer Kerry Barrass Yes
Maitland Trainer Michael Clayton Yes
Maitland Trainer Allan Buman No
Maitland Trainer Allan Hicks No
Maitland Trainer Amanda Rayner No
Maitland Trainer Benjamin Sweetman No
Maitland Trainer Brian Mitchell No
Maitland Trainer Bruce Mackie No
Maitland Trainer Daniel Flanagan No
Maitland Trainer Dave Irwin NO
Maitland Trainer Mathew Reid No
Maitland Trainer Michael Mcguire No
Maitland Trainer Peter Honnery No
Maitland Trainer Robert Blakely No
Maitland Trainer Steven Baker No
Maitland Trainer Trevor Hagney No
Maitland Trainer Troy Cooper No
Maitland Trainer Troy Donaldson No
Temora Breeder Bradley Canty Yes
Temora Breeder Irene Buttsworth Yes
Temora Breeder Peter Scott Yes
Temora Breeder Brett Mcintyre No
Temora Breeder Geoffrey Collins No
Temora Breeder George Tyrpenou No
Temora Breeder Gt Fast - Tony Gordon No
Temora Breeder John Caulfield No
Temora Breeder June Gibson No
Temora Breeder Lionel Dittmar No
Temora Breeder Lynette Noble No
Temora Breeder Malcolm Davis No
Temora Breeder Michael Finn No
Temora Breeder Michael Jones No
Temora Breeder Michelle Groom No
Temora Breeder Peter French No
Temora Breeder Ray Bartolo No
Temora Breeder Raymond Henness No
Temora Breeder Roslyn Norwood No
Temora Breeder Sonia Davis No
Temora Breeder Sovereign Racing - Nina Uhrhane No
Temora Breeder Steven Lang No
Temora Greyhound Tilly Rockin' - Chris Bootsma OT No
Temora Trainer Brian Smith Yes
Temora Trainer Jacob White Yes
Temora Trainer Edward Winters No
Temora Trainer Geoffrey Collins No
Temora Trainer John Hill No
Temora Trainer Julie French No
Temora Trainer Steven Lang No
Temora Trainer Timothy Mccaffery No
Wentworth Park Breeder Fay Trowbridge Yes
Wentworth Park Breeder James Porter Yes
Wentworth Park Breeder Neville Brown Yes
Wentworth Park Breeder Amy Bennett No
Wentworth Park Breeder Chapman Scells No
Wentworth Park Breeder Charles Mercieca No
Wentworth Park Breeder Andrew Crouch No
Wentworth Park Breeder Darren Leeson No
Wentworth Park Breeder Darren Scells No
Wentworth Park Breeder David Clarke No
Wentworth Park Breeder Gary Friend No
Wentworth Park Breeder Gregory Guy No
Wentworth Park Breeder Jay Ferguson No
Wentworth Park Breeder Julie Fletcher No
Wentworth Park Breeder Kerry Merillo No
Wentworth Park Breeder Kim Hyde No
Wentworth Park Breeder Maxwell Rimmer No
Wentworth Park Breeder Michael Kliendienst No
Wentworth Park Breeder Nathan Toms No
Wentworth Park Breeder Nicholas Tremain No
Wentworth Park Breeder Robert Roderick No
Wentworth Park Breeder Russell Druery No
Wentworth Park Breeder Scam Syndicate - Constantine Nitsolas No
Wentworth Park Breeder Stephen Whyte No
Wentworth Park Breeder Thelma O'Keefe No
Wentworth Park Breeder Tony Brett No
Wentworth Park Breeder Tyson Barton No
Wentworth Park Greyhound Ritza Lenny No
Wentworth Park Greyhound Zipping Clive No
Wentworth Park Trainer Frank Sanotti Yes
Wentworth Park Trainer Gregory Board Yes
Wentworth Park Trainer Leon Bozovitch Yes
Wentworth Park Trainer Peter Barnes Yes
Wentworth Park Trainer Betty Keene No
Wentworth Park Trainer Christopher Brydon No
Wentworth Park Trainer David Mason No
Wentworth Park Trainer Garry Logue No
Wentworth Park Trainer Helen Rimmer No
Wentworth Park Trainer Ian Garland No
Wentworth Park Trainer John Maroun No
Wentworth Park Trainer Joseph Mcfadyen No
Wentworth Park Trainer Judith Richardson No
Wentworth Park Trainer Michael Eberand No
Wentworth Park Trainer Paul Grech No
Wentworth Park Trainer Peter Mantach No
Wentworth Park Trainer Randall Walter No
Wentworth Park Trainer Rodney Metselaar No
Wentworth Park Trainer Steven Carr No
Wentworth Park Trainer Troy Vella No