The NSW GBOTA this week contributed to and endorsed a national response by the Australian Federation of Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association (AFGBOTA)  to an ABC investigation on the 7.30 Report earlier this week, regarding exporting of greyhounds to Asia.


NSW GBOTA chairman Geoff Rose, described the 7.30 Report vision as sickening, though acknowledging that the most disturbing parts involved out-dated vision of inhuman euthanasia from Vietnam, a country widely understood to have its own pool of greyhounds, as opposed to greyhounds imported from Australasia.


Mr. Rose added that increased efforts needed to be made to ensure that it was not possible for any Australian greyhounds to be exposed to mistreatment in poorly regulated circumstances overseas.


“The NSW GBOTA and its State counterparts within the AFGBOTA do not support greyhounds being exported to countries with animal welfare regulation that is not in keeping with Australian standards.


“Any export activities must be within the high ethical animal welfare standards that the NSW GBOTA supports being central to all of our future decision making in NSW and Australia.


“Export to Macau, Vietnam and China is not currently permitted and the vision shown in Vietnam was highly unlikely to have shown any Australian greyhounds.


“The rules of greyhound racing in Australia do not permit for export of greyhounds without Greyhounds Australasia (GA) granting a passport and any person that has caused for a greyhound to be exported without a GA passport is in contravention of those rules.


“That some level of export activity was occurring despite these rules needs to be tackled by improved industry education, tighter regulation/laws and enforcement.                                                          

“And, of course, we need to remain committed to our own reform which collectively aims to reduce overbreeding, supply more racing opportunities for greyhounds of limited speed and dramatically improve re-homing commitment levels,” added Mr. Rose.


The AFGBOTA media release can be found here.