Participants are advised that the NSW GBOTA along with other parties will this week meet with GRNSW to review testing conducted to date of the Finish On Lure.

This meeting, from the GBOTA perspective, will review data taken from Gosford trial sessions held on January, 13, 20, 27. This data related to muzzles, injuries and track alterations.

As a result of this review, trials at the Gosford venue, will return to standard session structure, effective immediately, being:

As normal starting with puppy trials at 6.30pm followed by normal 4 dog trials & solo trials, all using the standard arm & into the pen. Arm trials will follow using standard arm. This will continue until further notice. Tickets will go on sale from 5.00pm.


The NSW GBOTA and GRNSW will make further announcements with regards to testing of the finish on lure in due course. Please continue to check the GBOTA website for further information.


Further information can be obtained from Operations Manager, Ellen Harris on 02 8587 1210