Greyhound Ownership

Greyhound racing is the most affordable and easiest code of racing to become involved in as an owner. 

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) controls regulations around licensing and offers 3 forms of ownership - they are detailed on their website -  Greyhound Racing NSW website

Looking to become an owner?

Set a budget - you can spend a couple of hundred dollars to tens and hundreds of thousands. The price will vary depending on ability, age and breeding

Up front purchase - this can vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Cost varies on age of greyhound, breeding bloodlines - proven sire/dam, costs already incurred such as vaccinations, rearing, break in, registration fees. 

Ongoing costs - significant vet fees, training fees by trainer, prize money share with trainer

Understand your expectations 

Do you want to see the greyhound regularly in person ? 

Do you want to it to race regularly for significant prize money ?

Do you want the trainer to be communicating trial times and expected performance to potentially wager on the runner ? 

Consider post racing career

Do you want to have as a pet post racing ?

What are you expectations if the greyhound is injured or ill and can no longer race - have you communicated these with the trainer ?

Do you want to be able to breed other litters ?

Arrange a training agreement - templates are available from GRNSW 


Once you have considered these things, where do you start ?

Firstly arrange a trainer. 

  • A trainer must be a listed 'public' trainer through GRNSW to be authorised to trainer for a third party.
  • Trainers phone numbers aren't readily available online due to privacy. The NSW GBOTA however can provide your details to trainers who you may be interested to speak with - call Ellen on 0285871210 Tuesday or Wednesday between 9am-3pm 
  • Review race results - see who is doing well 
  • Visit your local track - look at a number of greyhounds, who has runners that look healthy and happy - approach these trainers, or ask staff on course for some assistance. 
  • Want to try training yourself - understand you need to first be licenced and have your property inspected. Full information is available with GWIC
  • Speak with your Trainer about financial arrangements, expectations and form a written agreement. 

Buying a greyhound

  • Speak with your trainer, they may be able to assist 
  • Richmond GRC (approx November) and Dapto GRC (approx May) have an annual Auction at which you can buy a greyhound - usually between 3-6months. Speak to your trainer about attending the Auction, what you should be looking for and how they work. 
  • Some participants advertise through publications such as The Greyhound Recorder and National Greyhound Form; available at some News agencies. 
  • There are online forums such as greyhounddata 


Please remember that before considering ownership of a greyhound you should decide who will care for the greyhound post racing career. 

Animal Welfare

If you have information regarding animal welfare or animal cruelty (including 'live baiting') or the conduct of a person involved in greyhound racing that relates to the aforementioned, we encourage you to contact the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Office.



The information provided above is just a guide, any person interested in owning a greyhound should ensure they have fully researched and understand the responsibilities, licencing and costs involved before entering into a commitment.